3 Steps In Hiring A Professional DJ… (Step 1)

3 Steps in hiring a professional DJ

In 2015, Bob Raina’s Disc Jockey Service will be celebrating 25 years of professional DJ entertainment! Throughout these years as a full time disc jockey, I have had the pleasure of entertaining audiences throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. I have had the honor of being a preferred wedding DJ vendor for some of the most respected venues in Western Massachusetts: Log Cabin and Delaney House; Hotel Northampton; Chez Josef; Springfield Marriott; Barney Estate, Carriage House; Look Park, Garden House; Cranwell Resort; Tekoa Country Club; Salem Cross Inn; Quonquont Farm; The Ranch Golf Club, Southwick; and The Red Barn at Hampshire College to just name a few. I wanted to briefly mention these establishments in order to educate any new readers on my background, and of course to highlight the impeccable services they provide. In this three part blog series I will be giving you an inside look into the important steps in hiring a professional Disc Jockey.

Step 1… Experience

What is a preferred vendor?
A preferred vendor is a professional that is hand selected due to the professional services they provide and by the relationships made through actual working experiences.
A great place to begin your search in hiring a professional disc jockey is by researching the recommended services from proven professionals in the industry. Include in your search reception halls, photographers, videographers, florists, etc. As you search, make notes of the DJ companies that pop up in numerous websites. Finding multiple recommendations of a DJ company is a great indication that you are moving in the right direction. A great service is usually recognized by more than one company or vendor. Ask about the particular disc jockey you are interested in as you meet with other professionals. If services are reputable, you can be assured that you will receive positive feedback.

I always tell my customers that 99.9% of the success of your wedding is in the hands of your DJ. There is no single entity that will have more influence on the outcome of your event. Before we take a deeper look into what a professional DJ’s responsibility really is, I need to address the number of calls that I receive that begin with the question…”What’s your price?” I am hoping by the end of this blog, I can at least get future customers into realizing the significance of hiring a professional DJ, and more importantly, asking a more suitable question when reaching out to a prospective disc jockey/entertainer…”What services do you provide?”

If we were to slow things down a bit, and really think about your wedding day and what is truly important, I would imagine that everyone would agree that an organized, flawless, fun-filled day sounds reasonably acceptable.
Organized, defined by the execution of details or simply stated… Is your day going according to plan?
Flawless, meaning… Is your plan being executed perfectly? Is this the wedding you have always dreamed of?
Fun… Are your guests dancing? Are your guests entertained? Are your guests having the time of their lives???
Hopefully on your wedding day, you will be able to say yes to all the above questions.

So, who exactly is responsible for all of these details??? If I had to guess, most of you were not thinking DJ, right??? From my past experiences with new clients, it seems quite common that the importance of the disc jockey position is overlooked. I have heard on numerous occasions that the “DJ is just the guy who plays music.” This couldn’t be any further than the truth. The reality is, the music is the easy part of our job. The real job of a professional DJ is bringing the ultimate plan together.

To take the importance of an experienced entertainer a step further, your DJ is not only responsible for the execution of the day’s plans, but he or she also needs to be aware of the other professionals that have a job to do as well. This list would include servers, photographers and videographers, etc. In order for the day’s outline to be executed efficiently, the DJ needs to be aware of everyone’s job, and may need to adjust to accommodate certain situations that may arise. Yes, there is a slight chance that your day’s plans may need to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances. I will use rain as an example. Heavy rain has delayed the arrival of the honored couple. As a result, they are 45 minutes late to the reception. Your photographer may now need some extra time to capture the images that have been requested. This seems like an easy fix, however, your DJ has also been notified that formal introductions and dinner service cannot be delayed. An experienced DJ will have the skills needed to be able to re-adjust the schedule and take control over these types of situations. Will your disc jockey have the experience to get your reception back on track?

Finding an experienced DJ is just the beginning. Be sure to read step 2 for more helpful hints!