A Great Wedding Reception

Looking back on my 25 years as a professional entertainer, I think it is safe to say that I have seen a fair share of wedding receptions. I truly enjoy reminiscing over great times. As an entertainer there are special moments that will be locked away in my memory bank forever. Moments that stand out above the rest. I am often asked by clients for my opinion on what makes a wedding reception great. If I think back, I do indeed recognize a few major elements that seem to be present at every great reception.

The first and most important element, in my opinion, are experienced professionals. As a professional, I always try to assist my couples in a constructive, positive way. I truly believe that their opinions and ideas matter greatly in the success of their day. I want to hear their thoughts. Knowing my clients in advance always helps in eliminating some of the guess work of the day. I encourage my couples to tell me their vision. Experienced professionals have the ability and knowledge to take their clients’ vision and turn it into a workable plan. Hiring professionals makes for a great reception.

Finding a perfect balance between the bride and groom and their hired professionals is essential. There are many tasks that need to be completed and each element is important to the success of the day. Incorporating the bride and groom’s vision is vital, however, could too many ideas have a negative effect on the day? Can the client (bride and groom) become too involved, driving the day with too much activity and an over-structured agenda? Can the professionals (photographer, videographer, caterer, etc.) become too involved and engulf the day in their own individual goals? My opinion is that both the client and the professional can become too involved. Far too often I see the bride and groom disappear from the wedding reception only to return to realize that they have missed their party. Give yourself some time to celebrate! If the bride and groom are on the dance floor, you can bet the crowd will soon follow. Balance is key, and the bride and groom’s presence is mandatory for a great reception.

Lastly, keep it simple! More and more it seems that the wedding reception is turning into a circus act. Caricature artists, photo booths, magicians, video shows, candy stations… the list goes on and on and on. The more you give your guests to do, the more likely the less you will see of them on your dance floor. Thinking back on memorable wedding receptions of the past, some of the greatest parties were the simplest. There were no distractions. Good drinks, a delicious meal and great music for dancing. The end result… a great wedding reception!

“Dominick and I wanted to tell you that you were FANTASTIC at our wedding and the best we could’ve imagined…my mom even talks about it to this day how the music and ambience couldn’t have been better and I am still getting guests that tell me you were the best wedding DJ they’ve ever experienced. We had so much fun, from having everyone come join us on the dance floor after our entrance right down to the last songs that were played. I honestly don’t think the dance floor was empty at all not even for one song, and we genuinely just wanted to tell you no DJ we’ve seen since has even come close. I want to give you reviews so other brides can see how great of an experience we had!! Thank you so much again!” -Dominick and Kimberly