Outdoor Wedding Tips!

The popularity of outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions are certainly on the rise. Couples are choosing lush gardens, mountain top views and the diversity of their own home grounds as the setting for their big day. When choosing an outdoor venue, it pays to have a good understanding of what is needed to host an elegant and unique affair. Here are a few tips to help you along when planning your outdoor wedding extravaganza.

If you are planning on using the “great outdoors” as the backdrop for your event, it is essential to have a back up plan in case the weatherman predicts the wrong forecast. We all envision a picture perfect day filled with big, blue skies, full sunshine and seasonal temperatures. If you have lived in New England for any length of time, you will come to realize that picking a beautiful day in advance is a real gamble. Being prepared for the worst case scenario will give you confidence on your wedding day. If Mother Nature decides she doesn’t want to cooperate, feel confident in knowing that you have a plan.

When devising a plan for extreme weather, we really need to focus on the main wedding day threats. First and most importantly, rain. Rain will really put a damper on your day if you neglect to have some form of cover. There is nothing worse than sitting through an elaborate date with your hairstylist, only to have it ruined in seconds with the appearance of a sudden downpour. A canopy or tent works great to keep a steady rain from ruining your hair but what about when an unexpected gust of wind moves in? Yes, rain accompanied by wind will now fall sideways, soaking you and your guests from the sides of the tent. The solution is side walls. Side walls on your tent will keep out rain and help protect your guests from drenching wind gusts. Don’t forget about your DJ :) Electricity and water do not mix. Always have protection for your DJ and always have a dry place designated for any vendor that requires electricity.

Second threat, wind. As we mentioned above, without the proper precautions, wind combined with rain can really ruin your day, but wind on a sunny day can be equally devastating as well. I can’t say enough good things about having sidewalls available for your canopies and tents. I have witnessed heavy winds ruining table settings, knocking over elaborate centerpieces and even blowing seating cards throughout the air. From a DJ standpoint, wind is a real problem with microphone noise and interference. Again, protection from the wind is necessary for an enjoyable day.

Last but not least, temperature. Unseasonable temperatures can be just as disastrous as rain or wind. Heat can really create an issue for your elderly crowd. Make sure you have some form of protection from the direct sun and plenty of fluids for your guests. I have witnessed elderly folks and grandparents being escorted from the ceremony site due to heat exhaustion and fatigue. This results in delays, and under worse circumstances, their absence at the ceremony. In contrast, cold temperatures will leave your guests uncomfortable and less than impressed. A heat source vented into your tent or propane driven heat lamps will help. Temperature and bright sunshine can be a real nuisance to your vendors as well. Heavy sun can impact your photographer when trying to capture the perfect image. Humidity can cause fogging in the view finders and lenses of your videographer’s cameras, and bright sunshine will impair your entertainer’s vision when trying to read computer screens.

Having the necessary precautions when dealing with New England weather will ultimately make your wedding day a memorable one. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your day will be perfect. Plan ahead of time and be ready for the unexpected. With the proper planning, you can create a setting that you and your guests will enjoy regardless of the weather. Your guests and vendors will thank you for it!

Speaking of outdoor wedding receptions, Chris and Rob were well prepared for their big day. Mid-May brought unseasonable weather, low temps, wind, light rain… Plenty of tent cover, 3 fire pits and a backup plan made for happy guests and DJ. As you can see from this video posted below, there was no shortage of fun. Happy planning!

“My husband and I were skeptical about whether we even wanted a DJ at our wedding: we were all but set on renting some powerful speakers and setting up our own playlists. However, we are so glad that we went with Bob. He made the evening run more smoothly, facilitated toasts, and reacted to the crowd in a way that kept the energy high on the dance floor. Anyone who is considering whether or not to use a DJ for their wedding, I would STRONGLY encourage you to have a conversation with Bob Raina.” -Chris & Rob