Personalize your day with music!

Planning a wedding reception is a meticulous task. Taking the time to personalize your day will give you the opportunity to express your individuality. There are many decisions that will need to be made. The season in which you plan your event, the location, the menu, cake, flowers… In essence, your reception should be an event that highlights everything that is you. Why not take things a step further and accent your plans by including some special music to match.

Brianna and Kurtis really created a “Wow” factor with the help of The Society Room of Hartford. This was truly an incredible backdrop for their indoor ceremony and reception. As stunning as their setting was, I believe it was their untraditional music selections which really made the ambiance remarkable. The mother of the bride was brilliant in requesting a special Disney instrumental piece as a prelude to the start of the processional (Brianna’s favorite song as a little girl). To take things a step further, the processional and recessional music was an amazing selection of pop tracks to give the mood a more modern feel. As you can see in the video posted below, Myers Video Productions was able to capture this extraordinary event! Great job to everyone involved!

As another example, Shamini and Bill had a fabulous wedding reception held at The Log Cabin’s Upper Vista. A picture perfect day turned into a fun filled night, highlighted with a cultural set of dance. Their selections of Indian Pop music really brought the dance party to the next level. Adding an element of cultural music is the perfect way to pay respect to your family’s heritage. Check out my iPhone video below so you too can feel the energy a great song can create!!!

Brian and Heather decided to take advantage of their multi-acre farm in central Massachusetts as the backdrop for their reception. Along with their picturesque setting of rolling pastures, grand tent and mechanical bull, it was the country music selected that was the perfect accent to this outdoor event.

Taking some time out of your busy schedule to consider some unique music for your own reception is a wise decision. Every couple has something special they can contribute. Use your own personal character to create an event that will be unforgettable.

“We were very pleased with your services and you made the process leading up to our wedding nice and easy on us. I also have to say that I was very happy with the music you played. Personally, I don’t have any talents or skills with setting up playlists so this was definitely something I knew we would need help with, and you played exactly what we wanted! and I know everyone had a great time! Our families and guests were also very impressed with how you guided our reception events and kept things rolling smoothly. James and I were thrilled with your services and we will definitely recommend you to our friends and acquaintances when anyone needs a DJ for an event. Thanks so much, we wish you the best”  –Brittany and James

“Bob Raina provided his DJ services for our Wedding at the Society Room in Hartford, Ct on September 5, 2015. From start to finish he was patient, kind, and very attentive to every question, concern and need. He fulfilled everything we hoped and wanted for our wedding guests. He exceeded all our expectations. He made our wedding magical and memorable. We had a little of everything for the young and old. People commented on how great he was and how much fun they had. We will highly recommend Bob Raina for any event. Thank you Bob for providing a great time at our wedding!!” 
-Kurtis and Brianna Brown