Reception Music / Creating the perfect soundtrack!

Finding the perfect mix of music for your wedding reception should be at the top of every couple’s “To-Do” list. Is there anything more memorable and exciting then dancing the night away to the great songs of past and present with family and friends? At Bob Raina’s Disc Jockey Service I work hand in hand with my clients to create an amazing soundtrack for their big day. Each event is musically constructed to their individual tastes, resulting in a party that reflects their own personalities and style. “A creative and innovative presentation for a truly original Bride and Groom.”

It is quite common to hear from prospective clients their interpretations of wedding receptions they have attended in the past. It is truly heart breaking to me to hear how many of their experiences with other entertainers were so disappointing. I’ve said it before and will emphasize it again, there is nothing that can replace the effectiveness of a true professional DJ. A professional will have the experience and creativity to transform your day into the event you have always dreamed of.

I am a firm believer that a 50/50 balance is key to a successful wedding reception. The first 50%, I want to take the time to hear from my clients. I encourage them to educate me with the music of their lives. We all have our own original soundtrack, a soundtrack that is unlike any other. Songs that take us back to a time many years ago. Songs that may be a reflection of a family member or friend. Songs of hope, inspiration or love, and most importantly, songs that simply make us dance! These are the songs that bring meaning to your day. The other 50%? Leave that to your DJ. A balance of your favorite songs, along with a professional’s knowledge will surely get your party dancing.

Great music is imperative to a successful reception. Coming up with the right set of music is not as simplistic as one may think. There are many contributing factors involved when setting up your playlist. Take into consideration that your music should be as diversified as your invitation list. That’s right. If you want grandma to dance, you can not expect results if your main objective is to turn your wedding into a night club. There is a time and place for every style of music. With the right presentation, you can please all of your guests. With the right entertainer and the right mix of music, you just may be surprised to see everyone dancing in harmony.